2tonnes with representatives from across the globe

France, Germany, Pakistan, Singapore… We had a plethora of nationalities represented for our 4th 2tonnes online workshop we delivered online this time. And we managed to decrease our greenhouse gas emissions to 3.04 tCO2e in 2050. The group was super engaged and we all learnt from each other as we explore the best route possible…

neuroscientists unite to reach 2tonnes

Our second 2-tonnes workshop took place with a team of neuroscience experts, all keen to reach the 2 tonnes goal in three hours! With collective concertation and impressive engagement, the group was able to get to 3.77 tCO2e. It showed how ambitious the goal is, but not impossible. They left the sessions wanting to do…

First in-person 2tonnes workshop

it was such a pleasure to facilitate our very first 2-tonnes workshop with very enthusiast testers! Thanks to their engagement, they managed to get very close to the 2-tonnes goal!